Boven de Wolken – above the clouds

When parents lose their baby, before, during or just after birth, their world collapses. They have to say goodbye to their little ones before they get the chance to get to know them. This VZW Boven de wolken (above the clouds) helps the parents (whom they call ‘star parents’) to carry the loss by offering them a professional photoshoot of their baby. These images are the only tangible memory to their star and can make a difference in processing their loss. The shoot is free, and the photographers are volunteers, but there are expenses to be paid, like insurance, psychological support etc. The organisation is 100% funded by gifts.

Even though I am not one of these photographers (yet?), I decided to sponsor the organisation by offering them a part of the profit of some of my products that you can find in my shop or down at this page. You can recognise them with the cloud logo. 

boven de wolken

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Cards and Calendars

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