White beach

white beach katti borre

White sandy beaches. Isn’t that what everyone dreams of?

Generally, our Belgian beaches aren’t white. They have the color of sand. I would say that the name ‘sand color ‘ is derived from our beaches.

But is it always like that?

Snow is predicted, again, (what a winter this is!!) and this time in such a convincing way ‘everyone will have snow’, that I actually believe it. But snow predictions are seldom correct in Belgium. The same with thunderstorms, by the way.

I follow the predictions, I check my app all the time to see the snow clouds move. Twitter to read about the thickness of the snow carpet. And I check with friends via text message. All the information sends me towards the seaside, more specifically the west coast. Not only is that where the clouds come from, it has the highest snow levels, and most important, snow on the beach is a rare thing. It is in Belgium anyway.

When I take off, there is only light snow, that doesn’t even stick to the road, but bit by bit the snowing gets more intense, and the roads gets worse. The highway had been prepared but it snowed so fast that it doesn’t have time to melt through the salt. My speed diminishes by the minute.

I go to Koksijde, close to France, and plan to drive east from there, following the snow showers. The town is packed. People on foot, pulling kids on sledges, throwing snow balls at each other, and it turned out that the dunes are perfect hills to use you sledge.

white beach katti borre

The beach feels weird. There is more then 10 cm of white mass hiding the sandy beach, and it feels weird. Not like sand, not like snow, different. It is still snowing. I take a few photos, disappointed by the crowds, and when I get back to the car the snow flakes turn into rain.

Is it already finished?

I drive east and notice that the rain has melted all the snow off the trees, the magical beauty is already gone, and I decide it’s time to rush back inland. Try to be ahead of the rain and back into the snow. That is easy, the roads are now clear, and I am almost home when the trees are white again, yes! it is still snowing here!

Not for long. I know. It was a short shoot, a long trip, and a short snow spell, but at least I have seen white beaches in Belgium.

If it snows in Belgium, drop everything and go for it. You might have to wait until next year before you have another chance.

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