Art Exhibition Biënale Aalter

It takes place every 2 years in the beautiful castle of Poeke, Aalter. Nothing new there, but this year the date is slightly different : it will be 2 months earlier then normal, you can now view my work in the joint exhibition from September 1 to September 11! And Yes!! I am participating!! This […]

Be prepared!

The holidays are approaching fast. Are you ready? You have probably booked your destination, planned your visits, know more or less what clothes you will take, which book to read. But did you think of taking your camera with you? Of course, there is this magnificent little device called the iPhone, which takes splendid holiday […]

The Panoramic View

panoramic photo of Pantheon Paris

For the last couple of years I have been working on one particular theme : the panoramic photo. The idea started out of necessity. There was this thing known as a pandemic, with alongside it, a lock down. We were not allowed to leave our houses, later on, and for what seemed an endless time, […]

Biking Sunday, images of Buenos Aires.

Images of Buenos Aires

Fine art portrait on Lens op de Mens Fotofestival

katti borre self portrait

This year I have send in some fine art self portraits to the photo festival in Pelt, ‘Lens op de mens‘. It is this new thing I like. Fine art portraits, and particularly theme portraits. Where I represent another person, just like they used to do with old paintings. The techniques I use are similar […]

FEP awards finalist

FEP awards 2023

The FEP awards is a competition organised by the Federation of European professional photographers and is open to all professional photographers who are resident in Europe. It’s aim is to promote the photographic profession and to raise the level of professional standards. It is intended to give recognition to those who work in this sector […]