pool blue

It’s hot, blazing hot. Sweat drips off my face while I am frantically scrubbing the muddy water towards the drain with a much too heavy brush. My shoulders are aching, my arms trembling. But I may not give up, I must continue. But it’s way too hot and sultry. I want to cool off in the cold water.

I am already in the deep part, as if I’m in a well, with only weathered blue little tiles surrounding me. Clean water is already flowing in from the higher side, and with every swipe more turquoise blue tiles reappear. Just a little while longer. Keep on going.

I wipe my for forehead again. Lean on my broom. I huff and puff. I look up. The turquoise of the walls mingles with the black of the upcoming thunderclouds. As dark as they can be when the sun is still shining.

The contrasting light is dazzling. The heat is scorching. I put my broom against the wall and lay down on the floor. On my back. Arms wide open. I feel the cool water flow gently under my back. I take in the beauty of it all.

It’s burned into my harddrive, but as a photographer I need more. I grab my camera and start shooting. The lines. Details. In focus and out of focus. Perfection and imperfection. My pool blue series is born….

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