Be prepared!

The holidays are approaching fast. Are you ready?

You have probably booked your destination, planned your visits, know more or less what clothes you will take, which book to read. But did you think of taking your camera with you?

Of course, there is this magnificent little device called the iPhone, which takes splendid holiday photos, but maybe you have a ((not so)old) DSLR or mirrorless camera at hand which you don’t remember how to use. Or you have a relatively new one but you don’t know how to shoot in manual mode.

This is the perfect time to take a private lesson with me, I will teach you the basics of manual shooting, and together we explore how your camera works. We will go through the best settings, and I will teach you to use the most important buttons. The holidays are the perfect time to then practice what you have learned!

The lesson consists of 2 half days. On the first we will go through the theory and the basics of your camera. You go home to practice, and then on a 2nd half day we go out to shoot, I assist you with every shot until you are sure to have the hang of it, and are ready to leave on holidays!

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