Be prepared!

The holidays are approaching fast. Are you ready? You have probably booked your destination, planned your visits, know more or less what clothes you will take, which book to read. But did you think of taking your camera with you? Of course, there is this magnificent little device called the iPhone, which takes splendid holiday […]

NIEUWE DATUM WORKSHOP! “Vakantiefoto’s : Haal meer uit je Camera”

workshop fotografie voor beginners

fotografie voor beginners VOOR WIE? Neem je veel foto’s tijdens je vakantie maar ben je niet 100% tevreden van het resultaat? Wil je je verbeteren maar heb je geen zin in wekelijkse avondlessen en intensieve cursussen? Trek je automatisch of in ‘P’-stand? DAN IS DEZE WORKSHOP VOOR JOU! In deze workshop leer je eenvoudig om […]

Siena Storytelling Workshop

storytelling siena Katti Borre

Just like any other profession, a photographer needs to constantly learn. Workshops, classes, online courses, whatever is necessary to either keep up with what you are doing, or extend your knowledge. That is what took me to Siena, to follow a week long course of story telling. With teachers like Randy Olson and Melissa Farlow, […]


Well whatever you are, wherever you go, however good you might be at what you do, whatever your profession is, constant education is a necessity. There is always something left to learn, there is always something you need to know or something that might make your life (and work) easier. So extra classes is something […]