Fine ART portraits

What is the difference between a portrait and a fine art portrait?

In Fine art photography, the photographer is the artist, and the recording of the subject is not the main purpose. Making an artistic statement is. A fine art portrait image is created by the photographer as an artist and not just by the camera. The photographer’s vision is central to the resulting shot.

A fine art portrait photograph is intended for wall art. It can sometimes be described as “décor photography” or “photo décor.”

Ultimately, fine art portrait photographs are the family heirlooms of the future. This is art for art’s sake. 

It stands in contrast to documentary photojournalism where subjects are captured to represent reality. 

Do you feel nostalgic towards those ‘old fashioned’ portrait painters? Then these fine art portraits might be your thing! A photo, but also a painting. Dreamy, and artsy.

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