Gent is what I consider my first hometown. It is where I went to school and university, where most of my friends live and where I do most of my shopping. So I might be biased when I say this is the most beautiful town in Belgium. Centrally located between Bruges and Brussels it out-stands all the other places in the country!

It is one of the oldest cities of Flanders, It started growing economically in the 10th century thanks to the trade and manufactory of cloth, and in the 13th century it was one of the largest towns in the whole of Europe. Its luxury cloths made from English wool were famous throughout Europe until the 15th century. It started to decline in the late16th century. But here history does not stop. During the last decades of last century it was beautifully restored and worth a visit!

If you want to know more on the Gent history you can find it here, if you intend to visit it while improving your photographic skills you can join me on a photographic tour in the city.

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