Sometimes it snows in april


“Sometimes it snows in April”, sometimes things happen that are not considered normal, things that could mess up your life. Sometimes you think spring has started and all of a sudden you are set back in time. 

That is what I felt when making this series. We were convinced the modern world we live in was a (relatively) good place. OK, there were still a lot of issues to be tackled; poverty, starvation, inequality, racism, etc, Nevertheless, things were pretty good, at least for me. And then suddenly the world started to shake. Through Certain elections and political decisions the world was set back by at least 50 years all whilst the pandemic completely changed our world as we knew it. And unimagined recurrence of war, shook Europe to its core… There are a lot of uncertainties nowadays, one can sure feel like it has been snowing this April!

I start off with 1 image, a photo that I have taken in some city and processed myself, (I sometimes, but rarely, add a 2nd one); afterwards I start working on it with digital techniques. Most of them are done in Photoshop, which is nothing more than the digital brother of what painters and other artists use.
The end result looks like something in between a sketch, a drawing, and a painting. It is no longer considered a ‘photograph’, because photographs are supposed to show real situations. I start off with a ‘real situation’ (you can still recognise the specific locations), and I interpret it in the artist’s way. It is Photo Artistry.


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