All to Venice…

Katti Borre its a strange strange world

Let us all go to Venice, I would say!

It’s been on my to do list all of my life, but my pigeon phobia made me postpone it eternally. Or not quite.

From September 30 until October 21 some of my works will be on show in The Room Contemporary Art Space. If that isn’t a solid reason to finally get me to this mythic place then I don’t know what does. But the same goes for you! Time for that extra city trip to the Bruges of the south (that’s a joke for the Flemish 🙂 who know Bruges as ‘the Venice of the North’ ) and have a look at my work!

I will exhibiting with my Strange, strange World Series, remember? Thats the one that I represented Belgium with in the World photographic cup.

I will be at the opening and a few days after that, so hurry up if you want to meet me there!

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