Summer Festivals

It feels like the summer has come to an end, even though autumn isn’t in the air yet, it feels like it’s close. But that doesn’t mean that summer festivals are over! You still have time for a visit!

The first festival is ‘Lens op de Mens’, the Fotofestival in Pelt. Pelt is a small town about 80 kilometers east of Antwerp, in the province of Limburg, maybe better known by its former names, Overpelt and Neerpelt. Every 2 year they organise an international photo festival of all types of images where man (male, female or binary) is the subject. Photographers from all over the world apply, both amateurs and professionals. The photos are exhibited all over town and a nice walk through the center leads you to see many great works, and get to know the town.

It is the 3th time I participate, but this is also the first time my daughter is present. Not just on one of my photos (the red headed behind my thumb), but also with her own works. (see below)

Photos by Astrid Van Nevel in Pelt

In the cultural center, Palethe, you can also see all the photos that were selected to represent Belgium in the Photographic cup this year, including mine.

It’s a strange, strange world, representing Belgium in the Photographic cup. Palethe CC in Pelt

The other festival, l’été des portraits, is similar but it’s a bit further away -for us at least-, it’s in the French idyllic town called Bourbon Lancy, about 300km south east of Paris in the beautiful Bourgogne area. It’s also biannual, has the same subject, but only shows works of professional photographers.

Both festivals are more than worth a visit. Apart from me and my daughter there are loads of other participants more then worth your time!

Lens op de mens : until 30th of september 2021 in Pelt. Here you find the map, and here the program.
L’été des portraits : until 31st of oktober in Bourbon-Lancy, France. Here you find the practical information.

ps. thanks to my models!!

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