The Panoramic View

panoramic photo of Pantheon Paris

For the last couple of years I have been working on one particular theme : the panoramic photo. The idea started out of necessity. There was this thing known as a pandemic, with alongside it, a lock down. We were not allowed to leave our houses, later on, and for what seemed an endless time, we were not allowed to leave our country. So all I could shoot were Belgian cities, which I find terribly boring. Why? That is probably another story to get into. Aren’t foreign lands always more interesting than your own? Why can’t we no longer appreciate or see the beauty in our own cities?

So I needed a challenge, something that would make the cities attractive to me. Something that got me creative. And I started shooting them in a different manner : as panoramas.

Now what exactly is a panorama? It is a series of photos that are later, in post production, stitched together. It has the advantage that you get more into one image, which especially in medieval towns we have, is rather impressive. A ‘normal’ photo cuts a part out of what you see, a panorama includes much more in the image. Depending on the position of the photographer and the degrees that a photo include, the buildings are deformed and get curved lined. Panoramic photos are thus quite unique and much more impressive then normal size photos. I started to love it.

There are a few caveats though. First of all, with cities and architecture, you need to get it right in camera, otherwise you can never stitch the lines that shape the buildings together later on. So you need a nodal slider and you must find out what your nodal point is (which is different for each lens and with each focal length and can’t really be found on the internet).
You have to look for a square or an interesting large building : some place where you have a 180 degree view. That square must be beautiful or at least interesting, not in restauration, and preferably quite empty. On top of that I need clouds, and even though most of you think it is always cloudy in belgium, I can assure you, it most definitely isn’t. So after I found out what my nodal points are, where I can go to shoot, I had to go different times just until I got the weather right. It kept me quite busy for several years!

But now it’s time to move away from them, I get frustrated about how full the squares now are. Restaurant and bars have taken over the squares, there are (always) lots of people everywhere.
I am done, I am moving on.

So as a to finalise this work, I decided to put them out for sale. You can buy them in different sizes and forms, but if what you want is not in the list, contact me and we will figure out if it’s possible. The images are 10 to 14 images stitched together so the print size is kind of limitless. You can even have it wall size in some wall paper type of material, but the most common are mentioned below.
Framed prints on photographic paper in acrylic glass, no limited editions, not numbered, hence the good prices. Here they come :

productsizeprice incl VAT
print framed60X20 cm200€*
print framed90X33 cm350€*
print framed120X40 cm550€*
print framed150X50 cm750€*
*VAT and shipping to Belgium included

You can drop me a line if you want more information or for orders, or order online through my website.

Stay tuned to see what is coming next!

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