The Panoramic View

panoramic photo of Pantheon Paris

For the last couple of years I have been working on one particular theme : the panoramic photo. The idea started out of necessity. There was this thing known as a pandemic, with alongside it, a lock down. We were not allowed to leave our houses, later on, and for what seemed an endless time, […]

Buenos Aires Photos

Katti Borre kalender

Do you like Buenos Aires? Do you like my photos? Then my Buenos Aires 2022 wall calendar might be something for you ! It is more then just a calendar, each month another photo will accompany you for around 30 days, and make you dream about traveling (back) there! They are also an ideal Christmas […]

It’s the holidays…

Yellowstone bizon winter Katti Borre

Ok, not quite, but they are approaching fast! Do you also get this feeling, that during this pandemic, you have spend way too much time on your own? There are so many people you haven’t seen lately? And that ‘lately’ being almost 2 years? And it sure doesn’t look like there will be a lot […]

Cards and Calendars

kerstkaarten christmascards

Autumn has officially started, so it’s time to look ahead and think of the coming winter and everything that comes with it! First off all, the wall calendars are back! They are 35€ each and the profit goes to Boven de Wolken. Order your copy today! Christmas cards are also available again. They come in […]

New Years Wishes

kaarten webshop

It’s the time of the year even though it’s slightly different than normal. We -in Belgium- are not allowed to meet up with other than the family living in our house, and there are similar rules all over the world. So there is all the more reason to send Christmas or New Years cards to […]