Art on Sale

It’s been going on for a year already, this (semi-) lockdown. A year of no travels, of no social contacts, but at the same time a year of hard work. Even though I couldn’t go out much, I didn’t sit still. I have been working on new material, and I am getting ready for an exhibition at the end of this year (if the European vaccination program will let me).

But before all this can take place, I must make some space in my storage and walls, so I will be selling off some works at a lower price!

The first one is Mystic City, which is actually the New York Skyline taken from Williamsburg on an early morning. It’s 120x80cm, printed on RAG art paper and framed in Diasec. Now for only €1950.

Katti Borre fine art photographer
Mystic City on your wall
Mystic city detail

And the 2nd one is one of the series of Flemish Waters, it is an image taken in Ostende, 200x110cm, printed on photo paper and framed in Diasec, now for only €1999.

oostende fine art print
Flemish Waters on your wall
oostende fine art photo
Flemish Waters in detail

Both works are number 1 out of 7 and will be delivered to your door in Belgium. You can email me for questions or orders, or go through my webshop if that suits you better!

Keep an eye out for my future work and exhibition!

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