It’s the holidays…

Yellowstone bizon winter Katti Borre

Ok, not quite, but they are approaching fast!

Do you also get this feeling, that during this pandemic, you have spend way too much time on your own? There are so many people you haven’t seen lately? And that ‘lately’ being almost 2 years?

And it sure doesn’t look like there will be a lot of changes before the holidays arrive…!

Are you also tired of being behind your computer? Zoom meetings, video calls, text messaging, emailing?

Isn’t this the perfect time to get away from all this and send an old fashioned physical card to the people you love instead of those boring impersonal e-mail cards? Isn’t it so much nicer to have nice physical cards on your cabinet instead of a full mailbox where wishes disappear between your work e-mails, where as soon as they are read they are forgotten?

That is where I come in! Christmas cards have always been my thing. You can either order Christmas cards here, or chose whatever photo you can see on my website (or instagram) that you would like to send to your friends and family. I print them and you write and send them to your beloved ones!!

On top of that, the profit goes to Boven de Wolken!

set of 10 cards €25
– foldable card 21x11cm
– or simple thick cardboard card 15x10cm
– standard text of personal text
– profit goes to Boven de Wolken
When you order 50 cards you get 10% off.
When you order 100 cards you get a book ‘disclosure’ for free.

Larger sizes are also possible, contact me for quotes, but know that they require double postage.

Call me
email me on (klick)

Hurry up!! There is not much time left!

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