The Cherry

kersfeest katti borre

I should tell you the story of the cherry, or rather, the cherries

Once upon a time there were 20 cherries, all identical, that got into the hands of Rotary Aalter. They will be celebrating the 20th edition of the Biennale of contemporary art in Poeke and wanted to do something special.

So they decided to hand over 20 of these identical cherries to 20 artists who have been participating in this Biennale for a few times already, and asked them to make the cherry a piece of art. These twenty -now art- cherries will be auctioned internationally on October 21 and 22, the profit will go entirely to charity.

I was one of those selected artists.

It was a challenging task, for I am no sculptor nor a painter, but after giving it a lot of thought I decided to do with the cherry what I am good at : take a photo of it… I called it Kersfeest, (kers=cherry feest=party), and my cherries are on their way to the castle of Poeke where the event will take place.

The complete project is done for free by all 20 artists, by the photographer shooting all the works (me ;-)), and even the auction house is working for free.

You want to see the works? You want to get ready to bid on one of the works? You want to know the complete story? You want to know who those 20 artists are? Check out the cherry website here!!

So keep your eyes open for the cherries!!

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