Art Exhibition Biënale Aalter

It takes place every 2 years in the beautiful castle of Poeke, Aalter. Nothing new there, but this year the date is slightly different : it will be 2 months earlier then normal, you can now view my work in the joint exhibition from September 1 to September 11! And Yes!! I am participating!! This […]

3 Generations

A bit over 40 years ago my dad, Rudi Borré, a Rotary member, was the brains behind the bianual Art exhibition by Rotary Club Aalter. Over the years it has become really big and an important artfare in the Flanders. Not just the art but also the location -a Disney style castle in a not […]

The Cherry

kersfeest katti borre

I should tell you the story of the cherry, or rather, the cherries… Once upon a time there were 20 cherries, all identical, that got into the hands of Rotary Aalter. They will be celebrating the 20th edition of the Biennale of contemporary art in Poeke and wanted to do something special. So they decided […]