Well whatever you are, wherever you go, however good you might be at what you do, whatever your profession is, constant education is a necessity. There is always something left to learn, there is always something you need to know or something that might make your life (and work) easier.

So extra classes is something I constantly take and look for. Like this one, organised by the ‘Belgische Vereniging van Beroepsfotografen’ called ‘light’. We got together 10 times in different locations, all professional photographers wanting to improve their skills around everything that has some relation to ‘light’.

Today was the last one.

We went to the Abbey of Zevenkerken, Loppem, where we took a picture of the ‘father abbot’ in the chapel, had a picnic in the park (yes, apart from work there is always some time fun and relaxing, and we do need to eat anyway, don’t we?) and shot moving objects (in this case mountain bikers) with flash in the forrest.


The trick with the father abbott was about getting the color of the light, which was a combination of natural light coloured through the stained glass windows, and the fill-in flash, perfectly aligned.

The trick with the bikers was to freeze the object and have the background moving, or rather, getting the impression that the biker was very fast by having the background blurred.

_KTI8636Above you can see the result of my bikers pictures, and off ‘us’, ‘at work’…

Apart from the learning process and the practicing, the socialising and getting to know colleagues, discussing problems related to work and exchanging ideas and tips, is as important. Not to forget the fun we have…!

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