Fine art portrait on Lens op de Mens Fotofestival

katti borre self portrait

This year I have send in some fine art self portraits to the photo festival in Pelt, ‘Lens op de mens‘. It is this new thing I like. Fine art portraits, and particularly theme portraits. Where I represent another person, just like they used to do with old paintings. The techniques I use are similar to painting. I start off with a photograph and end up with something like this. I send in these 2 ‘dark’ ones, which were chosen, while my more cheerful and sunny ones weren’t.

My images are shown on the streets of Pelt along with several other professional or amateur photographers, and can be seen from June 4 to October 1, 2023.

Would you like to have a fine art portrait of yourself or of a family member? A portrait in contemporary clothes or a historic painting? What style do you like? Are you looking for an original present for whatever situation? Contact me for a quote or an appointment! Send me a whatsapp (above) or email me.

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