Representing Team Belgium in World Photographic Cup

Katti Borre digital art its a strange strange world

Proud to say that for the 3th time, together with 16 other photographers, I have been selected to represent my country in the World Photographic Cup. This is like the Olympic games for professional photographers that takes place every year in a different location. The WPC was founded in 2013 by the federations of professional […]

Do not postpone what you can do today.

Cotedopale katti borre

These covid times are strange ones. Laws change all the time, rules change in a flash. What is allowed today is forbidden tomorrow, without a warning. But let’s face it, some changes you do see coming. So my motto of today is to enjoy what I can do now, and to not postpone anything that […]

End of Summer

Katti Borre landschapsfotografie

There is that one particular time in the year, when summer is not quite over and autumn isn’t yet there, but you already feel it in the air. The mornings are cooler, or even cold, the sun still warms up but in the shade it’s chilly. The green is still green but the leaves are […]

Katti Borre in London