Award Winning

Haven huis antwerpen the boat katti borre

We’re already well in 2021, but only just now the latest results of 2020 competition have been revealed, so its time to put some light on my award winning images!

Oval Room (image above)

  • Bronze Medal One Eyeland
  • Bronze Medal Budapest Photographic awards
  • Honorable mention in Moscow international awards
  • Honorable mention in International photographic awards
  • Honorable mention in Tokyo Photographic Awards
  • Nomination in Fine Art Photography Awards

Circle of Life

  • 2nd Price in Chromatic Awards
  • nominated in Color Awards
  • Nominated Fine Art Photography Awards

Round in circles

brussel kunstberg katti borre
Round and Round
  • Merit in FEP awards
  • Nominated in Fine Art Photography Awards

It’s a strange Strange world

Katti Borre digital art its a strange strange world
  • selected to represent Belgium in the World Photographic cup.


Finalist in Nature, FEP Awards, ended 10th place with these 3 images


winterwonderland by katti borre
  • Distinction, FEP Awards
winterwonderland by katti borre
  • Merit, FEP Awards

The Boat

  • Nominated in Fine Art Awards

The Spaceship

  • Nominated in Fine Art Awards

House of Justice

  • Nominated in Fine Art Awards

And now it is time to start applying in the 2021 competitions, hoping this year will be as succesful!

Thanks everyone for their support!

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