The Holidays News Flash

It’s been a while since you last heard from me, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t was sitting still doing nothing, as you can well imagine. But now that the Holidays are fast approaching it’s time to spread the latest news to you!

First of all, The New Years (Christmascards) are available again. I know that sending holiday wishes through the old fashioned post seems completely out of time, but be honest, isn’t having your friends wishes hanging on the wall or standing on the cupboard in your living room much more intense and fun then a momentary look on the email or text message on your phone?
You name the photo, I print the cards!

Secondly, it appears that more and more people are turning their backs on Social Media, one of its advantages being that you get notifications when it’s someones birthday. Do you remember the good old days when we had a birthday calendar, very often hanging in the smallest room of the house? Well, I am selling these antiquities too! No need to remain on Facebook!
Birthday Calendars

Thirdly, an ideal way to get some of my photos on your wall is with the year calendar, you will find out that this year it’s my clouds that will be on your walls.
Year Calendars

Last but not least, you can book a couple of new works shops with me, either for yourself or as a Christmas present!

Be sure to check out my website for details, email me or text me!

Have a great end of the year!

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