new website katti borre

After weeks of website-making -I do need a break from my computer!- my new website is finally finished and online.

What seemed like an interminable work has finally ended!

The home page is similar to my old website, but I am hoping you won’t stay there, and click on one of the tabs (preferably on all!), and see what is behind them. Hopefully they will surprise you in a pleasant way! Portfolio, bio and exhibitions. I even hope the contact page pleases you! Scroll your way through the Boven de wolken (more about that later) and last but not least, have a look in my shop!

In Corona times like these, online shopping seem inevitable, where even ‘computer dummies’ now buy online, so I had no choice but follow the trends. But if you would prefer to see my work in person you are always welcome to make an appointment.

I am all excited to show you my work, both my website as I made it, as the works that I show you in it ; so please have a look and let me know what you think! (and let me know if something is not right)

On almost every page you can just click to contact me me through e-mail/whatsapp or by phone, so please do! Looking forward to hearing from you!

new website Katti Borre

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