Look out for the future!

Times don’t stand still! Even though it might seem like it nowadays.

A lot is allowed again, but still, a lot isn’t, but there is so much to do and where one door closes, immediately another one opens. Or rather, you look for another door to open…

Me, for the last couple of weeks, I didn’t sit still. I thought it was time to finally get onto that new website of mine, one that I wanted for a long time, but there was always an excuse not to. Too much work, too much money, too many doubts.

Kattoo Hillewaere knows all about it, as I contacted her several times over the last few years. Kattoo is a colleague-photographer, but also a WordPress specialist. So the perfect combination : she knows what a photographer needs in a website.

Thanks to the current ‘corona-crisis’, and the need for change we finally got into it. She started up the basics, then gave me schooling, and my work could start!

Adding photos, starting up my e-shop (yes, one must move with his time), gathering texts, and then getting the looks right.

Hours and hours. Days and days. Weeks and weeks. I dream of online galleries and interiors! Of ‘errors’ and ‘save’!

But my new website is on the way! Some additional tweaks, some extra works, and a lot of check ups to be done. A couple of days, a week maybe, but then please! Go and have a look at it…

Coming soon!!!

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