End of Summer

Katti Borre landschapsfotografie

There is that one particular time in the year, when summer is not quite over and autumn isn’t yet there, but you already feel it in the air.

The mornings are cooler, or even cold, the sun still warms up but in the shade it’s chilly.

The green is still green but the leaves are nonetheless already falling.

Kids are playing in the park, people are having a pic nic as if its the last day of sun in their lives.

Of course we all know it isn’t, but soon the trees will change colour and the scene will change completely.

Today there is nobody under the trees, nobody is looking for some shade, we are all absorbing the last sun vitamins on our skin.

That’s when this photo was taken in the Ter Kameren Bos (Bois de la Cambre) in Brussels.

Can’t wait for autumn to come. How about you? Are you ready?

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