The rooftop

Katti Borre Brussels city photographer

When I said that I always take my Leica M Monochrome when I am away for the weekend I was probably lying. This particular time I also grabbed my Leica Q. Another one of my little babies. It’s light, it has autofocus, I take it when I am really lazy, but then mostly when I am lazy I just leave my camera at home (to later regret it, of course).

This image was taken off the Jardin Rooftop bar in the Ste Catherine district in Brussels. I had been there the day before (with my monochrome camera) and just knew I wanted a coloured version too.

I didn’t particularly go up to the bar to get that photo ; we just went for a drink. The sun was already low and everything was a bit too golden coloured to my liking, and there were few clouds. I processed it in cold colours to give it a particular feel.

I do not like post card-like beauty. I don’t like blue skies. I like storms and dark clouds. I like to get beauty out of a situation that most people don’t like and don’t appreciate.

I went back to that particular spot a few days later, when there was an actually storm, but then the roof top bar was closed…

taken on my way to the (closed) rooftop just before the storm

The skyline in this other location wasn’t so great so I ended up making this panorama to get some more information into it. This photo is taken with my Nikon, with tripod.

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2 thoughts on “The rooftop

  1. Lyssens carine says:

    Ik vind ze allebei super mooi Katti👌Maar mijn persoonlijke voorkeur gaat naar de leica-foto. Gewoon mooiere kleuren . Maar dat is persoonlijke voorkeur.
    Love your work🥰👌👌

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