Do not postpone what you can do today.

Cotedopale katti borre

These covid times are strange ones. Laws change all the time, rules change in a flash. What is allowed today is forbidden tomorrow, without a warning. But let’s face it, some changes you do see coming.

So my motto of today is to enjoy what I can do now, and to not postpone anything that I can do today. Enjoy while you can. Seize the day.

I am expecting the borders might close again, or unnecessary movements might become forbidden again, so I decide to go to the Cote d’Opâle -my favourite seaside within a day’s reach- while I still can.

Cotedopale katti borre

I absolutely love this area. It is not as rough as Normandy, and its colours are always happy, even when the skies are dark or especially when the skies are dark. The sea is a turquoise milky colour that is a lot more intense than the Mediterranean blue. And it is a lot closer than Normandy.

As usual with the weather you can not not really know how it will be, it is always unpredictable. Today the colours are perfect. And even the formations of clouds are, but the retreating sea could have been a bit rougher to my liking.

The colours are like paintings. Especially the photo on top, which even reminds me of the pool blue photos I made years ago, only they were images of pools, and not pure nature like here.

I then hop into Wimereux. I had never seen it in low tide as I usually come when the tide is at its height. It’s full of beautiful houses, mostly in a deteriorating state, which gives it a bit of extra gloom. Unfortunately the streets are full of cars so taking pictures is not exactly easy. Maybe this winter.

Cotedopale katti borre

In this photo the cloud in the back seem to be fighting with the little building in the front for the trophy of beauty. What is the most beautiful? Is it the little building, is it the cloudshape in the back? Or is it neither, and is it just the combination of both that totally makes it?

And what do you think about the quick snapshot I took of the light and skies below? What an amazing difference between cold raincloud on the right and the golden sun fighting to get through on the left! Agh the beauty of nature!

Cotedopale katti borre

I always enjoy my trips here, it’s only 1h and a half drive from my place, and it looks totally different to our Belgian cost. And even today, in times of Covid, it’s full of Flemish tourists. The Germans and British are absent. I must probably wait until winter for it to be totally empty.

And hope we will still be allowed to go there…

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