Antwerp Silhouette

Every month I will put forward one of my pieces of Art. For those who already know it and might have forgotten, and for the new readers.

I would like to present to you this Antwerp Silhouette Photo. It was selected to represent Belgium in the World photography Cup 2017, which is like the olympics for professional photographers.

It is also the first work that I dared put in a 2 meter Diasec frame.

It is taken on Linkeroever and shows the beautiful skyline of Antwerp, the largest city of the Flanders.

This image wasn’t taken in one day. After I found the location, I drove to Antwerp 7 times to shoot this, but each time the predicted storm was not what I had wanted. Only the 7th time this one came out, just before I got soaked by the incredible down poor!

This work is available in 2 sizes; the original 200x130cm and the smaller size is 120x70cm. They are numbered limited editions (limited to 7), signed by author. They come with a certificate.

Antwerpen skyline fine art Katti BorreAntwerpen fine art skyline
slide from left to right to see the difference in size on a living room wall

Have you already seen it in real life? Do you remember at which exhibitions it was?

Contact me for questions or if you want to see it in person!

2 thoughts on “Antwerp Silhouette

  1. Lingier Luc says:

    Katti, dit beeld heb ik 21 jaar lang kunnen aanschouwen! ik woonde namelijk op de Frederik van Eedenplein van waaruit u dat beeld genomen heeft!
    Prachtige compositie, mooie belichting en nabewerking. Voor mij persoonlijk een aanzicht met honderden verhalen die naar boven komen!

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