Be Prepared!

gent stadsfotograaf

I know, one must always be prepared. But well, being prepared is not my best quality. It happens to me all the time, that I drive out the forrest that I live in, see the sky and curse myself for not bringing my gear to shoot. You know I can just put it in my trunk ‘just in case’, so being prepared isn’t so hard to do, but usually I just forget, or I am way too lazy.

But I have been bettering my life. There is hope, even for me!

I had a shoot in my studio in Gent and took I all the gear I needed to shoot clouds in the city in case those clouds showed up. And for once they did!

Even though I was exhausted I still decided to go for it. The cloud formation was fantastic, out of a movie. But guess what. The clouds were on the wrong side! Actually, they were everywhere except where I wanted them.

I decided to test my patience, and sat down on the ground, waiting for the moment to come. There was a lot to see, many people were sitting down and having a chat. Young and not so young, girls and boys, mothers with babies. Some had brought speakers and there was some music. Not being dressed for sitting still, I quickly got cold and I started to move around to keep busy and stay warm, and started to shoot where the quite impressive clouds were.

gent stadsfotograaf
great clouds on the wrong side

Like this photo. But I already have tons of photos of this location that are much better. So I kept on moving around and watching up towards the sky. Hoping for change.

That’s when I saw the cloud. It seemed like coming our of a cartoon. As if someone had just put it there. It is not the cloud I wanted. But what a nice cloud it was! I got home with something anyway, the detour was not in vain! A good thing I took my gear with me!

Check out my website to see if I ever get the chance to shoot the side I want with the weather I want…

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