Make a Virtue of Necessity (oftewel : van de nood een deugd maken)

westende by Katti Borre

Just once every quarter of the year, I need to get my documents together and bring them to my accountant. It is one of the most horrid things in my professional life. Not the bringing part, but the gathering of documents part. But well, there is no escape possible. It needs to be done.

So then I am off to the accountant, who happens to live by the coast. During lock down it was a feast, being able to finally get in to my car for a (rather) long drive with a special permission to drive laying on the passenger seat. Any reason to leave the house was good.

Now we are free to move again, so I am a bit less eager than last quarter. But guess what. This time clouds are spectacular, and the sun was shining, and I was prepared!! How great is that???

So I quickly get onto the beach with my camera bag and my tripod and I shoot some photos.

The wind is freezing cold and goes right through my clothes, but with such a view I don’t can’t care less : hot tea in my car will warm me up later. I don’t have the right shoes on which basically means a lot of running to and from the camera, trying not to get caught by a wave and keep my feet dry.

How I love this!

But the coming home wasn’t so happy.

Things don’t always go as you please. It had been a while since I had used the filters on my wide angle lens, and from laying at the bottom of my camera bag for so long the rubber had deformed a bit and had let some light in. The sun was so strong that my back screen was invisible and I hadn’t seen it until I got home and put them on my computer. I had to delete most of my photos…

It is probably the most frustrating thing, being sure to have the right shot, only to see later on that you blew it. And there is no turning back. The weather was unique. I can go back every single day, and never catch such light again.

I can only try.

PS. this image was taken without filters

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