Representing Team Belgium in World Photographic Cup

Katti Borre digital art its a strange strange world

Proud to say that for the 3th time, together with 16 other photographers, I have been selected to represent my country in the World Photographic Cup. This is like the Olympic games for professional photographers that takes place every year in a different location.

The WPC was founded in 2013 by the federations of professional photographers from Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia, and as you can read on their website “Sure, there are lots of other competitions, but there is just one World Photographic Cup, so it is a real honour to be part in this.

There are individual winners, but the goal is to win as a country, which I hope will happen in this 2021 edition! The results will be published in January 2021 so cross your fingers that we will make it!

Everyone could send in 3 images per category and the best ones were selected by a jury of professional photographers. That this work ‘It’s a strange, strange world‘ was selected came a bit as a surprise. This is the first time that I handed in a digital art work, so I am really pleased to see that it has been liked!

This particular work is part of a 10 piece series that I made during the first lock down, when we were not allowed to leave the house, let alone travel to other cities. I finally took a course that I had bought years ago, called “awake“, which ended up in making several series. This ‘It’s a strange, strange world‘ represents how we, Europeans look upon the US during this current (and soon past) presidency. It are all compositions of a European iconic place, combined with equally iconic New York City skylines.

Check out the rest of this ‘It’s a strange, strange world‘ series, they are also for sale. Make it yours, if I win this cup, prices will go sky rocket! 😉

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