Our own Belgian Calatrava

calatrava liege guillemins trainstation by katti borre

Who does not know Santiago Calatrava. Maybe you think you don’t. It is time that you do.

Who has been to New York and did not go inside the Oculus? Who went to Buenos Aires and did not walk over La Puente de la mujer? What about Valencia, have you not been in La ciudad de las artes y sciencias? (To name but a few…)

calatrava liege guillemins trainstation by katti borre
The elevator looks like a pepper mill to me 😉

Of course you have! These are icons of the cities they are build in. They are all magnificent. They are designed by the world famous and award winning Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

Well, as you can expect, he has also left his mark in Belgium : the train station in Liege is one of them. And hopefully one day we will see the station of Mons terminated.

calatrava liege guillemins trainstation by katti borre
All the lines capture your eyes

It is recognisable, if you know and love the Oculus as I do, (I must have hundreds of photos of it), you can immediately see that this building is designed by the same hand. It is majestic. It is not big, but it is grand.

I’ve known for a while that it’s worth a visit, but Liege isn’t exactly a place I pass by regularly, and even less so by train. I even think I had never been in Liege in my life. Until today. By car. It’s only 1,5 h drive from where I live.

With not only my cameras but also drinks and snacks -restaurants are still closed- and some good music I was off. There is hardly any traffic these days as most people work from home.

calatrava liege guillemins trainstation by katti borre
Hardly any people…

I was already charmed upon entering the parking lot. Even there the shapes and forms are artistic, and it only got better. This location is definitely a must go for photographer and for architecture lovers and it is well worth the trip. Especially now during these Covid times when traveling abroad is difficult, if not impossible.

If you don’t like to drive, you can always take the train!

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