What has just happened?

A question that we are all asking ourselves. Is this for real? Has there been a raid on a parliament, the symbol of democracy? Yes!! In this case in not just any democracy, but in the United States of America, the country that stands proud in it, that doesn’t mind interfering in other nations to ‘restore’ or ‘implement’ democracy. That ‘helps’ rioters in other countries. Yes, in that country their biggest symbol was under attack, and this without any foreign help. They brought it onto themselves. (top image : Gent and NY)

it's a strange strange world by Katti Borre

Even though Trump has not been reelected, it seems that my series ‘It’s a strange strange world is still very up to date. It shows how we, Europeans, look upon the United States, Amerika as we call it. They used to be our role model, but bit by bit that has been eroded, and the last few years we look with astonishment to what is happening in that the country at the other side of the pond. (above London and NY)

Each work represents a European city, standing tall and proud, self secure, in contrast to the US in the back facing either storms, deformations or collaps. (above : London and NY)

Katti Borre digital art its a strange strange world

This particular one, Paris in the front and the people staring at the strange reflexion that New York is, has been selected to represent Belgium in the World photographic cup 2021.

Katti Borre digital art its a strange strange world

This one was taken at the exact place where I stood on December 17 when I was robbed… Brussels, with (again) NY loosing it in the back.

In this last one the US has become nothing more than a thought or a reflection.

We are all still in shock, and even while I was making these images, I could never imagine something like this would happen, nobody could, I guess.

It was historic. Hopefully my works also become historic and that Belgium wins the Photographic cup cup this year!!

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