Sad and Lonesome (and back on track)

winterwonderland by katti borre

It’s been almost a month since I was robbed. I was devastated, in shock, angry and sad, frustrated, and extremely mad at myself. I have been reliving the robbery in my mind, over and over again, trying to understand where I went wrong.

It is simple, I let my caution go as soon as I got into my car, and apparently (that is what the cops say), that is normal, your car is ‘home’, it is a ‘safe place’, and the robbers knew that.

What comes after the robbery, is not just a giant mix of emotions, it is a huge load of work. Getting the serial numbers, register them as stolen, contact with insurance company, with the police, getting new stuff (because basically I was technically unable to work), registering the new gear, getting it insured etc.

And when all that was done I just needed to get over my fear, fear to meet the same guys, to get robbed another time, and as I am even more cautions, a next robbery might end up with violence, as I would probably not just let go of my new gear.

My first shoot is in a safe haven, I go towards my all time favourite season, winter, and I drive to the south-east of my country to shoot the snow. I take my husband who fancies a walk in the snow and offered his services as assistant.

As soon as we leave the highway we are in the snow, and it all becomes fairy tale like winter wonderland. I feel like I am living a dream.

winterwonderland by katti borre
the road to the park

It is not crowded, we are practically alone, probably the bad weather (it is snowing and foggy) has something to do with that, it is photogenic weather. Just imagine all this if it had been sunny!! That would have been a bummer!

2 lonesome trees

We go for a small tour, it is too late in the afternoon for much else. Apart from the amazing views, I just love the feel of the snow under my feet. We walk, stop, shoot, and again walk, stop, shoot, until it’s getting really very foggy and dark. I check my watch, it’s just half an hour before the sun sets, the visibility is bad, and we still have a long way to go. We step up and walk faster. It is so foggy that I don’t need my tripod, I can shoot at f2,8 as there is no depth anyway.

winterwonderland by katti borre
one lonesome tree

My husband notices that I am in a sad and lonely mood, as that seems to be all I am shooting, lonesome trees that have a lonely and sad aura. Let’s assume the trees look like that, I certainly don’t feel like that! I am feeling fantastic! It is great to be back!

winterwonderland by katti borre
my assistant, eye to eye with the Jedi

Nothing beats having great time with my camera. How I am missed that, but now I am back!

winterwonderland by katti borre
2 lonesome trees

PS, you can preorder your Christmas cards now! 😉

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